World Cricket Championship 3

 World Cricket Championship 3


WCC-3 is currently only available in beta on Android. The iOS version of this game has not yet been released. World Cricket Championship 3 is a mobile video game franchise from Nextwave Multimedia that 

features a 3D cricket simulation. This game is a sequel to WCC 2, a cricket video game.  Nextwave Multimedia launched and published the game for Android in April 2020. Development of mobile games by 

Nextwave Multimedia. A division of Indian gaming and sports media company Nazara Technology is Nextwave Multimedia. WCC3 is a realism-focused mobile cricket game featuring brand-new controls, 

multiplayer options, expert commentary, captivating animations, real-time motion capture of pro cricketers, and cutting-edge AI. To give you a fantastic, fully featured mobile cricket game, it will continuously add 

new features and modify WCC3. WCC3 is a cricket-themed video game created for cricket fans. The fourth installment of the World Cricket Championship series is known as WCC3. The beta version of the game 

was released in May 2020 after it was announced in November 2019. September 2020 marked the formal release of the game. It features expert commentary from a variety of former cricket players in seven 

languages, including English with Matthew Hayden and Isa Guha, Hindi with Aakash Chopra and Anjum Chopra, Telugu with Venkatapathy Raju, Bengali with Deep Dasgupta, Tamil with Abhinav Mukund, and 

Urdu with Tariq Saeed. In addition to the features offered in WCC2, WCC3 also contained a new Career Mode that was later added to WCC2, a skill upgrade, the ability to create unique squads using the names of other teams, the ability to hire coaches, and other good features.

Launch Date

150 realistic animations and 40+ in-game cameras are featured in World Cricket Championship 3. The third World Cricket Championship game was developed by Nextwave Multimedia. Before WCC3, Nextwave Multimedia released the following games:

In 2011, World Cricket Lite was released.

The 2015 World Cricket Championship was launched.

Rivals for the 2020 World Cricket Championship will debut in February.

In May 2020, the third World Cricket Championship will begin.

Updates for the third world cricket championship (WCC3) in 2021

The third edition of the World Cricket Championship, or WCC 3, will be 1.3.5 in 2021. In 2021, the world cricket championship3 will be available to all Android users with version 5.1 or higher. If you have an 

iPhone, you can download the most recent app from the App Store or Google Play store. 

  • For the new English commentary, Isa Guha is responsible. She was a former player for England and currently works as a cricket commentator overseas.

  • A well-known commentator, former opening batsman for the Indian team, and captain of the Tamil Nadu teams, Abhinav Mukund, will provide the new Tamil commentary for Gethu.

  • Mathew Hayden and Isa Guha are a new commentary team.

  • For the first time in WCC3, veteran cricketer Venkatapathy Raju will be providing commentary in Telugu. Three camera angles in play, two new outside/inside edges.


This game is a follow-up to the popular game WCC 2. 250+ cricket animation visuals, including catching, batting, and bowling, are included in this game. Different cricket stadiums from nations like India, England, 

Australia, etc. are used in this game. In this game, there are additional options for women’s cricket. The  My squad feature in this game allows users to assemble their own team. Players can alter the appearance of the 

game characters by choosing from a variety of characteristics, like height, hair color, bread, and face shape. Players can start their careers in the game and progress through it until they reach the national game in the 

game’s enhanced career mode. The game offers a number of competitions, including the Asia Cup, T20 World Cup, 50 Over World Cup, and The Ashes. In all of its past games, Nextwave Multimedia has always 

provided stunning graphics that are both realistic and gorgeous. The controls for World Cricket Championship 3 are quite easy to use. The cursor can be used to move players left and right. When a player 

hits a lofted shot, a Loft button becomes available. A grounded shot is made by the golfer when the loft shot is off. Swiping in from the right side of the screen allows players to play shots in any direction. By 

altering the names of the players, players can also create their ideal 11. World Cricket Championship 3 looks incredibly beautiful because to its more than 150 realistic animations. With all-new batting 

equipment, players may hit the ball in all directions around the ground. WCC3 has 28 bowling motions and 150 shot combinations, which gives the game a very authentic appearance. The fact that World Cricket 

Championship 3 is an AI-based game explains why bots are so adept at fielding. During celebration, game participants perform some extremely interesting moves. The ‘MAN OF THE MATCH’ ceremony in World 

Cricket Championship 3 is animated, which gives the game a very appealing and realistic appearance. Women’s cricket is an option for the third World Cricket Championship.


WCC 3 provides a variety of game styles to keep players entertained. The game mode in World Cricket Championship 3 is separated into overs and tournaments. The game currently has 11 modes available. Players have the option of playing either men’s or women’s cricket.

My Career

Actually, complete career mode is what this mode is. It saves all of the game statistics. By choosing the structure and amount of matches with any nation, players can organize series. In this mode, the ideal mode 

to keep the team’s strong numbers. Following the conclusion of a series and a match, players receive awards. These coins can be used to open up areas and competitions.


The World Cricket Championship 3’s most simple mode is called “quick play.” This game mode is already unlocked. The player must select both their squad and the opposing team in this mode. Players must pay an 

entrance charge of 250 coins. Players can also select the quantity of overs. The player must select one option from the following: 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 50 overs. Players can change a teammate’s name, appearance, 

and jersey number. A player who wins the toss may choose to bowl or bat. Following the conclusion of the match, players are rewarded with coins. You may unlock competitions and stadiums by using coins.


This mode and quick match are extremely comparable. In this mode, female players take the place of male players, as the name would imply. The rest of the game plays out almost just like quick match mode. 

“NATIONAL PREMIER LEAGUE” is the abbreviation for NPL. Like IPL, this mode is. The IPL teams are the same, however their names differ somewhat. Because of the NPL auction feature, this mode gained 

a lot of traction. The NPL auction gave players the option to select the teams of their dreams. To win the NPL trophy, a total of 8 teams are in competition with one another. Each side gets 20 overs in each match. Two points go to the winning team. These points are used to choose the qualifier teams.


Multiplayer is available in this mode. Similar to other real-time online games, this mode features two actual people competing against one another in real time. Ludovic King This mode requires an internet connection 

because participants engage in online play through the internet. Emoji can be exchanged between players to convey emotion. The mode here has two overs on each side. Coins for rewards are given to players once the game is over.


This mode is very similar to its online competitors. Competing against each other are two players. There are either 2 overs or 5 overs for each side in each match. One participant sets up a space, and another enters 

it. However, for this mode, an internet connection is not required. Players communicate with one another like they did during mini militia in this mode. The same Wi-Fi connection or a hotspot is used by players to connect to one another.


It’s easy to use this mode. Player matches are played in this mode. Then challenge his pals to accept the challenge and complete it. By choosing the player you want to challenge in the game, challenges can be

 sent. Players that accept and finish the challenges are rewarded with coins.


It’s a really cool mode. Out of the 16 possible teams, the player choose his team in this mode. The gamer then has two 2-over encounters with opposing teams. A victory in a game results in 2 points. These points 

are used to determine qualifiers. Each team receives 1 point in a tie match. The competition winner receives a trophy and coins as compensation.


This competition is modeled around the ICC T20 World Cup. In this competition, 8 teams are taking part. Each side bowls 20 overs total. Gaining team receives two points. These points are used to determine qualifiers. There is no pre-unlocked World T20. Coins, which are obtained as incentives for winning rapid matches, must be used to pay for this. The renowned T20 world cup trophy and coins are awarded to the tournament winner.


The features, game modes, animations, and graphics in Wcc3 are plentiful. Players are kept engaged in the game without getting bored because it allows them a lot of options. Without becoming bored, players can 

play online multiplayer games with friends or random players. The fact that WCC 3 is not as simple to score runs in as most other cricket video games makes the game much more exciting and competitive. 

Throughout the game, commentary and animations keep spectators thoroughly engaged. Players can pick the controls that are most comfortable for them. The ashes series, test cricket, and many other modes are soon to be added to the game. Every cricket fan should choose WCC 3 as their game of choice.

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