Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break

Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break


Have you heard about the sequel of Mr. Meat simulated game?If no, then don’t worry Mr. Meat has been introduced with new modes and feels. This sequel meets all the requirements of game lover. Mr. Meat gets incarcerated in this sequel. Mr. Meat was sentenced to be executed for his awful deeds 

after being apprehended at the conclusion of the first installment. Family and friends are present for the execution, but they are in for a surprise. You take control of one of 

the characters who participated in the Mr. Meat events in Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break. You once more need to solve problems while evading him and his cronies in this situation. 

The gameplay is pretty similar: the psychotic corpse is keeping an eye on your every move, and you must use every trick in the book to get away from him. Once more, you 

can find tools that can aid in your escape from the murderer, such as shotguns. Authorities apprehended the Mr Meat and put away due to the outcome of the criminal following. Behind bars there day of execution has h3as arrived afters years , and whoever was involved in the case of prisoner gathered there to 

observe. You take on the role of , Mr. Meat’s daughter,Rebecca who following her rescu in the sequel game , faces a fresh scarring things when she visit her friend’s  house to 

see her father’s operations in the  new sequel.You will explore a new milinue when you flee from Mr. Meat place and will work through riddles to get a way out from the prison 

that the butcher has taken over. The follow-up action game to Mr. Meat is called Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break. A butcher had become a bloodthirsty zombie in the first 

installment. In order to live and free the hostage, puzzles have to be solved. In comparison to Mr. Meat: Prison Break, the game’s setting is larger. You might find up in 

a jail in Mr. Meat, where you must set a girl free. You can wander about the jail’s various areas in the newest iteration to finish side tasks.


Some new and entertaining features of the game Mr. Meat are listed below. 

New protagonist: Take control of Rebecca as you flee from Mr. Meat and save your loved ones.Mr. Meat and Pig 13 have returned and are even more dangerous, creating 

new foes. The prison is also teeming with pigs that will assault Rebecca.Explore the prison: Enter to discover a brand-new environment.Fun puzzles: Break out of jail by 

solving cunning puzzles.Discover all the possible outcomes for the story, both favorable and unfavorable.Discover the events of Mr. Meat’s execution day with the use of 

narrative cinematic.Large cast: The Keplerians game to date with the most characters.Original soundtrack: Experience Mr. Meat’s world with one-of-a-kind music set to the saga’s rhythm and voices created only for this game.New route system: Select from various escape routes, or in free mode, explore all the possibilities at your 

leisure.New hint and task system: If you become stuck, you can always refer to a detailed step-by-step walkthrough at your disposal.Different levels of difficulty: Test 

your ability against Mr. Meat and his buddies in a variety of levels of difficulty, or explore safely at your own speed in ghost mode.An incredibly fun game.  Action and frights are promised. Mr. Meat 2 is a plat former that incorporates aspects of 

survival horror, because the goal is to break from Mr. Meat. There are also mystery components, therefore, although you won’t constantly be kept with suspense, you may 

well be given a shock. For a better experience, playing with headphones is advised.


Four years after the initial game’s release in October 2018, Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break was made available on Android on July 14, 2022. Since each game has received over a 

million downloads, they are both regarded as successes. Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break is an Android game, but you can always install the APK provided provide on an emulator to 

play it on PC. You can easily play Prison Break on PC thanks to the several emulators that are offered on Uptown.On your computer, download and install Blue Stacks.From 

the search results, select Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break to install.To browse the Play Store, finish your Google sign-in now, or wait and complete it then.If you overlooked step 2, 

finish Google sign-in to install Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break.Go to the search bar in the upper right corner and type in Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break.To begin playing, select the Mr. 

Meat 2 icon on the home button.

System Minimum Requirements

Start using BlueStacks 5 on a Computer that satisfies the prerequisites below.

Microsoft Windows 7 or later should be used as the operating system.

Processors from Intel or AMD are required.

It must have 4GB of RAM minimum.

5GB of free disk space on an HDD.


You can alter yourself to wander the winding streets of this prison from the first-person viewpoint of the character. Rebecca has a stun gun with her so she can render the pigs 

unconscious. All of them are the fault of the nice people who were tormented by Mr.Meat donkey changed into, despite taking the form of a pig. You can go back to a different route after running into Mr. Meat to look for an exit. There were numerous bars 

and locked doors because it was a prison. It’s a difficult task to locate the keys to unlock the door. There will be descriptive text flowing in the screen corner, so don’t 

worry. To spot the gaps, try to closely follow the plot. Mr. Meat 2: To complete Prison Break, you must gather all of the necessary components by yourself. The situation 

inside the institution was quite different. Discover all the game’s potential outcomes for yourself, both good and bad, including the outcome of the game. You can entirely run 

into secrets and egress difficulties with a large number of riddles. Don’t be concerned about being late. A system of pertinent hints is provided in Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break. 

They will provide clear instructions so you will know what to do next. Up until the very end, Prison Break will keep you on the edge of your seat. Until you figure out how to 

escape the jail and go Mr. Meat is a vampire. You must regard that as the conclusion in the end. Get lost in a distinctive musical world. Voices were specifically recorded for 

this game. The compelling ensemble of people adds greater drama to the narrative. Real individuals and details are simulated through the 3D interface. Increase the 

authenticity of the game’s characters’ movements and gaits. Try to escape the mad dad’s grasp in Mr. Meat 2 mod.

Adaptable control system

A first-person video game is Mr. Meat 2. You take control of Rebecca, the primary character, and discover an escape route. The game’s control scheme is adaptable. In 

addition to the navigation buttons, the player can be instructed to sit down or pick up objects with a few action keys. As you draw nearer to items, a number of interaction 

possibilities also become available.

Engage with the world outside

Each puzzle in Mr. Meat 2 is a well-designed system of gathering objects and hints. Find the next component by applying logic to all conceivable situations and thorough 

research. Even if you failed, hints are still available and even easier to utilize. Numerous new characters who will communicate with the player in various ways throughout the 

game deserve special notice. Assist them, finish their assignments, and assist them in achieving freedom alongside you.

New playing field

A vast mansion’s detailed location in the first chapter of the game, in which you could shelter and battle, thrilled us. This time, the action was moved to the prison, where Mr. 

Meat was made to pay for his crimes against humanity. He gathered all of his victims together, then suddenly took control of the entire jail complex and resumed his hunting. 

Hide in a cell, alter the criminal’s path using control panels, and try to catch him. A huge game environment filled with several hints, items, and routes is presented to the player. 

You will find everything significant and fascinating around every turn, so pay close attention to everything.


Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break is an excellent follow-up to the first game. In addition to better aesthetics, it features more difficult gameplay with difficult puzzles, a clever suggestion 

system, and a big map of various regions. What’s better is that depending on how you solve the puzzles, there are numerous potential endings. Bright, well-animated images 

that are provided in HD quality and 3D format may be found in Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break. It’s encouraging to hear that the first-person perspective will be used for the game. The 

players will enjoy the stunning visual special effects. You can manage it simply and effectively.

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