Fire fighter Simulator – The Squad

 Fire fighter Simulator – The Squad


You can get a first-hand understanding of what it’s like to battle fires by participating in a firefighting simulation as an active member of a team in a major US city. Explore more than 30 unique deployment 

areas, take on thrilling missions, and explore a 15k acres-large townscape modeled like the North American Westcoast. Operate faithfully re-created Rosenbauer America fire vehicles to put out fires and rescue people 

in need. In the co-op multiplayer mode, you can work with up to three teammates or, in the single player version, an AI squad. Authentic firefighting gear from a very well North American firefighting electronics 

companies, including helmets, boots, and a respiration apparatus type, is also available to you. In the game Firefighting Simulator, players strive to put out undesired fires in houses and forests. Fire suppression is 

often a high-level training skill that helps firefighters safeguard both people and the environment.


  • You can play in a group with up to three friends in the worldwide co-op mode to save people and, of course, put out fires. You are free to take on whichever role best suits you within the team.

  • In single player mode, you’ll get a first-hand look at what it’s like to manage an established firefighting team while putting out flames in a significant US metropolis. You take charge of delegating duties to your AI coworkers and dive right into the action yourself with to the user-friendly command UI.

  • Advanced fire simulation with a wide range of fire causes, including electronics, chemicals, and explosions, as well as water, soot, heat, back drafts, flashovers, and grease fires.

  • A sophisticated physics framework guarantees a realistic depiction of the damage brought on by a fire that spreads quickly.

  • Drive five authorized Rosenbauer America fire vehicles across a sizable US city while viewing the action from the cockpit.

  • Utilize genuine apparatus from well-known US firefighting equipment manufacturers.

  • There is a ton of replay value because there are 30 various deployment locations, each of which provides a variety of day and nighttime firefighting options.

  • Detailed English-language instructional, radio transmissions, and character recordings, as well as subtitles in a number of other languages and accurately re-created engine sounds for a more intense atmosphere.

  • A detailed major US metropolis of 15k acres with many areas, including an industrial sector, suburbia, and the downtown.

  • supports common gamepads and steering wheels

  • You will be guided through the fundamentals of battling flames in a thorough instruction.

System Requirements:

The minimum system requirements for firefighter simulated game are

  • Intel Core i5 processors running at 3, 6 GHz or above, Windows 10 64-bit

  • RAM memory: 8 GB

  • 11th version of DirectX

  • Internet connection using a broadband network

  • 12 GB of storage are available.

The recommended system requirements for firefighter simulated game are

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10

  • Intel Core i7-3820 processor running at 3,6 GHz or faster

  • RAM memory: 16 GB

  • 11th version of DirectX

  • Internet connection using a broadband network

  • 12 GB of storage are available.


Most firefighters have received extensive technical training. Aerial, marine, close-quarters, and shipboard firefighting are all included in this game. The hazardous environment that flammable materials create 

during firefighting operations. The four temperatures increased as a result of the smoke and oxygen shortage. Structures collapsing is another risk, and it makes the toxic environment’s issues worse. Self-

contained breathing apparatus will be carried by the risk battle. The popular adventure games are available for single-player and multiplayer play. You must develop a brand-new simulation level with top-notch 

graphics using Unreal 4 technology. Different techniques and instruments are used to engage with the fire places that react with genuine fire smoke and heat. To imitate modern physics, combine the devastation 

with a dynamic and spreading fire. Use only genuine equipment and an authorized copy of drive 6. Firefighters is a four-player multiplayer game with a strong emphasis on teamwork and long-term game 

enjoyment. There are always multiple ways to put out a fire thanks to the procedural settings with more than 40 missions and modify play through. Where each distinct look includes strong modding support, 

enabling the community to quickly enhance the game. The designers have a realistic perspective on the work that firefighters do. The fans, who have always wished to respect these heroes and the way they have 

been in the past, are the ones who came up with this term. On this game, you will be able to drive about using fully licensed, accurately recreated equipment. Make a difference in the urban canyons of California. 

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 Game’s AI control

Relocating AI

While staring at the ground, pressing the “Command AI Number” causes the AI associated with the clicked number to move to the location of the pointer.

The AI can follow you.

The AI with the pressed number will follow you if you hold down the “Command AI Number” button for three seconds. The AI that is now following you will stop if you press and hold the “Command AI Number” 

for an additional three seconds.

Allow the AI to stop tracking you.

The AI that is now following you will stop if you press and hold the “Command AI Number” for an additional three seconds.

Using the Interaction Cursor and the AI

Allow the AI to open or smash closed and open windows and doors. Hit the “Command AI Number” of the AI you want to open or crush the door or window by aiming at the marker of the door or window you want 

to open or crush. The AI will halt everything it is doing, pick up the subsequent tool (while dropping earlier tools), and then move on to the new task. It won’t automatically follow you after that. Hit the “Command 

AI Number” of the AI you want to use by aiming at the marker for the tools, fire extinguishers, or water hoses. After that, the AI won’t automatically follow you, but if a fire is in sight and a waterhose is available, it will start dousing it.

Allow AI to save the victims.

Aim for the victim’s marker and press the AI’s “Command AI Number” to direct it. The AI will halt all it is doing, approach the victim (drop other tools), and initiate the rescue operation. The AI will return to the 

area and pick up the tools after rescuing the victim.

Allow the AI to turn off the electricity.

Hit the “Command AI Number” of the AI that should do that action by aiming on the Fusebox’s marker. Whatever it is doing, the AI will halt, travel to the fusebox (dropping other tools), and begin autonomously disconnecting.

Using the Command Wheel and AI

In general, opening the Command Wheel by holding down the spacebar is simple to do. Holding it in place, press the “Command AI” number button for the AI you want to command. You’ll note that the Command 

Wheel’s color changes to match the selected AI’s color. Thus, the color denotes the AI you are controlling. 

AI will build up your attack lines and choose the next one for you, if one is available.

Open Command Wheel, press the “Command AI Number” of the AI you wish to perform the task on, and then click the appropriate nozzle icon (in the hose quarter) on the wheel to choose the task. The AI will 

immediately begin suppressing fire if it comes into view, take the next possible attack line (or make one up if none is available), and follow you.

If there are any available, let the AI choose the next extinguisher and follow you.

Open the Command Wheel, press the “Command AI Number” of the AI you wish to give the assignment to, and then click the extinguisher icon (in the wheel’s bottom right-hand corner) to choose the appropriate 

mission. The AI will take the next extinguisher it sees and pursue you. The AI is currently unable to put out fires using the spray. For you, they can only carry one.

Whenever possible, let the AI choose the next ax and follow you.

Open Control Wheel, press the “Command AI Number” of the AI you wish to perform the work for, and then click the appropriate task by dragging the mouse over the ax icon (located in the tool quarter-left) on the wheel. The AI will seize the following ax and follow you.

Allow the AI to select your next pry tool, if one is available.

To choose a task, move the mouse over the pry tool icon (located in the tool quarter, left) on the command wheel, hit the “Command AI Number” of the AI you wish to carry out the task on, and then open the 

function wheel. When a pry tool becomes available, the AI will seize it and follow you.


Firefighting Simulator: The Squad first appears appealing, but after a few missions you find there isn’t much variety in the game, let alone any substantial sim experience. For a few tasks, the game is enjoyable, but 

the vanity quickly wears off. Driving simply seems to be a waste of time. It is not mimicked in any way. There is no vehicle preparation or replacement of worn out equipment. It’s a simulator that operates on the 

most fundamental ideas. While some simulator games provide a great deal of complexity and involvement with the activity they want to imitate, one arcade game of firefighting goes beyond water to flames.

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