Extreme Car Driving Game

 Extreme Car Driving Game


Welcome to the realm of realistic racing games on difficult tracks. Enjoy the authentic impossible track race on the countless, impossible extreme tracks high in the sky. If you enjoy playing car racing games and 

are a quick speed racer, be ready to play a genuine car rally in the middle of the sky with no restrictions. In this breath-taking adventure vehicle game, race like a crazed stunt master while riding the gorgeously 

crafted actual impossible tracks and defeat the opposition racers. 2020 will usher in the fantastic world of mega ramp car stunts, where you can play with various GT cars and enjoy breathtaking impossible tracks 

and driving games with mega ramp car stunts. Pick your preferred wheels quickly to become the best car stuntman of the year. Drive on impossibly tight turns, enormous ramps, and insanely rapid speed stunts. 

Car Stunts 2020 features top-speed racing and free car driving. Take the test drive to adventure with impossible courses and vehicle stunt drive by downloading extreme GT car mega ramp stunts. Unimaginable stunt car tracks in the 3D version of the extreme driving simulator Drive carefully, start the 

stunt, and finish the race with your fantastic vehicle. When playing your 3D racing game with intense drive and drift simulator, it seems like a real race. It’s simple to play the racing, flying, and smashing game, but 

challenging to complete the extreme driving simulator. To win the race and advance through the rounds of Crazy Car Driving Stunts Simulator, perform as many stunts as you can. Use the left and right buttons to 

test your driving skills in the best race driving simulator game. You can even play with a real steering wheel or pedal. Grab the greatest huge ramp car stunt simulator with flawless, unattainable automobile driving. 

Drive your fastest vehicle while admiring the huge ramp auto antics. In this stunt drive simulator, you can get your hands on the most insane vertical giant ramp. Cross the obstacles, take pleasure in the high-speed 

jumps, and even ride the SUVs in style. Your gigantic ramp and difficult circuits will be made much more exhilarating by the curving tracks. Play the finest games featuring incredible vehicle stunts. Play now and 

compete in races like a mega ramp stunt rider. Drive your sports car through the challenges and antics! Will you ascended the giant ramp? Prepare yourself for intense driving with this epic ramp vehicle stunt in the 

Extreme Car Driving Simulator. It’s not possible to play this game’s addictive automobile stunts. Past the impractical giant ramp. Super automobiles and adventurous game play may be found in Crazy Car Driving! 

Free download of the 3D game Car Stunt Racing! In these top simulation and racing games, demonstrate your crazy vehicle racing stunt talents.


In the driving game Extreme Car Driving Simulator, you will take the wheel of numerous vehicles with many cylinders. You will put our ability to take advantage of each vehicle’s mechanical features to the test 

as you freely navigate the streets of a big city. The game also gives us the choice of completing various missions to earn awards that will enable us to unlock additional cars. The ability to completely modify each 

of our cars from the garage is one of the game’s most intriguing features. You can change not only its color and other cosmetic features, but also some technical parameters to customize the driving experience to suit your requirements as drivers. The game’s stunning 3D graphics make driving each vehicle feel incredibly authentic. You can easily make the most of each car because the control system has been thoroughly 

optimized for touch devices. You can control the speed by depressing the gas and stop pedals, and you can adjust the trajectory by twisting the steering wheel. Extreme Car Driving Simulator continuously displays 

the kilometers per hour at which you travel so that you can experience the speed. When you embark on missions that call to pass through specific radars or checkpoints, the information displayed on the screen 

will be of tremendous assistance. In the Extreme Car Driving Simulator, you may test drive vehicles from well-known manufacturers like Nissan, Audi, and Bugatti on both public roads and closed circuits. By 

showcasing our driving prowess, you’ll try to finish objectives as quickly as possible to break every game record. But if you prefer a more sedate experience, you may still take pleasure in a free driving session in 

one of these magnificent racing vehicles. A racing video game with an open environment is called Extreme Car Driving Simulator. Play this realistic simulator designed for motorsports and tuning aficionados to get 

special automobiles, tune your cars, and compete in races. To become one of the Extreme Car Driving Simulator’s legends, collect, personalize, explore freely, and try you’re hardest. Are you prepared to rule 

the asphalt and drifting worlds? Like a pro, navigate the metropolitan streets’ drifting traffic. Visit a car garage to add more vehicles to your collection. Paint, tune, and customize a car to display your unique flair. 

To experience a supercar’s top speed, drive it quickly. Visit the off-road area to experience some very difficult activity. Using the brake, drift and torque on the road. Using the brake, drift and torque on the road. 

Crash your automobiles and fix them quickly, or jump off ramps and climb buildings. Extreme Car Driving Simulator lets you do all of your game’s actions. Much more than just athletic competition.


  • NEW: Checkpoint mode for the mini game.

  • NEW: Follow the flow of traffic

  • Complete real-time HUD with rpm, gear, and speed.

  • Simulation for ESP, TC, and ABS. You can also make them inactive!

  • Investigate a rich open-world setting.

  • Accurate auto damage. Smash your vehicle!

  • Reliable physics.

  • Use an accelerometer, steering wheel, or arrows to control your vehicle.

  • A variety of cameras

Future Graphics

The game also has realistic 3D imagery for the zones and cars. HD visuals appear almost lifelike!

Religious physics

On your smartphone or tablet, you may jump, drift, torque, and have an incredible experience owing to the improved physics motor.

Vehicle collection

Our newest collection features SUVs, vintage automobiles, sports, and race cars… Obtain them all to join the ranks of motorsports legends.


In a garage, you can modify and customize your cars to make them special. By selecting a color, set of tires, or premium skins, you have a variety of tweaking possibilities.


The areas provide a wealth of gameplay opportunities. Drift on the city streets, go off-road in the off-road zone, or run unrestrainedly on the runway of the airport.


There are access points into difficult mini games like trial, radar, and devastation in the open world. Find them to earn wonderful rewards.


There are numerous game types, including a traffic mode. Open them all up!


Utilize the Photo Mode to capture the best images of your cars while having fun with the game.


The world of Extreme Car Driving Simulator is even more realistic thanks to this new feature , as is taking in the off-road scenery at dusk. 


To drive as a pro in racing games, select your preferred cam (exterior, interior, hood, or wheel) and controls (arrows, wheel, or gyro).


Don’t be concerned about hitting other vehicles while you travel. You don’t have to go to the garage for reparation; it is free.

High Speed Auto

Your car’s top speed will rise thanks to this modification. Enjoy yourself while traveling at 600 km/h.

High Speed Reverse

With this hack, you can improve your car’s reverse speed and get rid of its slow forward speed.

Stop the traffic

Disable all traffic immediately in traffic mode, making it much simpler to acquire vehicles, blueprints, and finish objectives using this mod.

Car Picker

Even if an automobile is locked, you can choose it using the Car Selector slider. Simply set the slider to any value (between 1 and 26) and return home from the garage; the car will be chosen. The car identification 

number, which ranges from 1 to 26, is in the same chronological order as the garage. Don’t use value 2 because it is broken.

Spawn a chosen vehicle

The vehicle you chose in the “Car Selector” mod will spawn as a result. To utilize it, set the “Car Selector Slider” to any value, activate it, pause the game, and then resume it. Your chosen car will then spawn.

100000 Gold extra

Use this mod to instantly add 100,000 gold to your account. Use it by turning it on and returning from the garage with 100000 Gold still in your account. Put the “Car Selector” slider to 0 before using this mod because it won’t function with it for some reason.

No ads, Free VIP

Additionally, to the benefits of the aforementioned mods, you will receive the Free


An excellent simulator for learning how to drive sports vehicles.  And if you find it boring to follow the rules for whatever reason, you can always play Extreme Car Driving Simulator to compete against other players from across the world.

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