Call Of Duty: Mobile Game

 Call Of Duty: Mobile


Call of the Duty: Mobile game has a genre of shooting game.

 This game is available free for playing on the play store. 

Based on the Call of the Duty series this is an entirely brand new mobile shooter game.

 By selecting from several Multiplayer game modes and battle it out on some of Call of Duty’s most beloved maps. 

By playing public multiplayer matches you will gain experience, which will be beneficial for you in unlocking and purchasing a variety of weapons, perks, etc., and along with this, it will also help in raising your game. 

Like the previous mode of the series call of duty: mobile, it also features multiplayer mode which intrinsically is a first-person shooter feature.

 The game introduces another feature that provides special weapons to a player when a player reaches a certain position and times, the feature is named as ‘score streaks’. 

Additionally, for different time lengths, the call-on-duty: mobile provides special and limited multiplayer modes that last within that time length. Some of the special multimode are rapid-fire, sticks and stones, and many more.

Development and Release date:

Timi Studio Group is behind the development of this group and the publisher of this game for both android and IOS operating systems is Activision.

 Call of the Duty: mobile was also published in other regions by Garena, VNG games, Timi studio group, and by Tencent games.

 The Call of the Duty: mobile was released on 2019, 1 October and set the record for the largest mobile game launch in history.

 Within the year, it generated a revenue of US$ 480 million and the downloading figures were 27 million. On the announced date so many of the features had been released date. 

The goal of the game was to take familiar elements from previous games in the game series and allow users to access them through their mobile devices.

 The game was initially released in Australia on June 15, 2019, the different publishers released the game in discrepant regions, Following soft launches in Australia, Canada, and Peru. 

Garena released the game in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand in September, Activision released the game on September 30, 2019, in Europe, North America, and Latin America, meanwhile Tencent publishers released it in South Korea on October 1, 2019. 

VNG Games publishers released the game in Vietnam on April 20, 2020, in collaboration with Activision and TiMi Studios. 

Call of the duty: mobile pick u many of the game modes, actioner characters mean playable characters and maps from the previous games in the franchise. 

For the provision of players’ preferences, different controlling settings and modes were also introduced. 

In 2019 November, the addition of zombies had been made also in the Call of the duty: mobile game.

 This game adhered to the survival formula from the series call of duty zombie, in which the players for the long span survival fight against the endless waves of zombies, just for the sake of long-term survival.

System Requirements:

However, like other mobile and computing games, call of duty also has some system specifications requirements to download it without facing any bugs and errors. 

As this game is mobile base, so, the call of duty: mobile is compatible with android and IOS operating systems.

 Moreover, this also has specifications for both operating systems explicitly.

 Like, the android operating system the game is compatible with android devices of at least 2GB ram and 5.1 and above running android. 

Now, the call of the duty: mobile asks for some specifications for the IOS operating system, according to which the game is compatible with the IOS devices of 2GB ram and the running IOS operating system should be 0.9 or later. 

On the contrary, the usage of emulators is not supported by this game.

Features and Gameplay

In the multimode player of call on duty: mobile has two categories of matches, ranked and unranked. 

The players can choose between ranked and unranked matches according to their choice to play. 

When it comes to currency, the game also contains two types of currencies, ‘credit’ and ‘COD’. 

The credit in-game currency can be generated by playing a game while COD points can be bought with real-world money. 

Without paying games can be played but access to some special weapons, exclusive characters, and modes can’t be taken, on the contrary, they can have accessed through COD points.

 Besides the standard matchmaking, to invite and battle in-game friends, players can get access to a private room for two modes, multimode and battle royal.

The battle royal mode possesses 100 players. There are also choices for the player in which mode he wants to play.

 Like, the player can play as a single-player, or can play in a team of two men and also have an option to play in a squad of a quad.

 When the 100 players get ready, they bring a plane that flies over the map in a straight line. 

Every game changes with the path of flight.

 The team jumps over the land on the decision of the jump leader, and the jump leader is used to allocate to every team. The jump leader leads the team when and where they have to jump. 

When the game starts, the only weapon the player carries is his knife, but by following the map he can get more weapons, vehicles, and other items by using which the player can kill his enemies and can survive for a longer span. 

There is a yellow indication on the map, which is a high-tier loot zone, which provides the player with more goodies opportunities. 

Along with the progress of the game, the size of the map starts squeezing. 

The title of the game-winner goes to that team or player who lasts till last. 

Also, battle royal contains a limited range of modes like Snipper Challenge, Battle royal Blackout, and some others.

The addition of zombie mode was made in November 2019. In the zombie mode of call of duty: mobile teams are placed against the zombie which attacks in waves. 

This mode was also applicable in Endless Survival Mode, which is used to play like the classic zombie experience, and Raid Mode, which used to launch a defined amount of waves at the players before shifting to a monster encounter, both were available.

 Players have been given the choice of opting for normal or heroic levels. 

As this mode had not reached to expected quality, so after getting hurt by quality-oriented expectations, the feature had been discontinued in March 2020.

Later on, undead siege and zombie survival modes were added to the game.

 The job of the team in this mode of the game is to survive and to keep their teleportation devices safe from the waves continuously generated by zombies and the team is consisting of four players.

 To stay against the zombie hordes at night, players have to collect the supplies during the day timing. 

Additionally, during the day, players are supposed to participate in a mission called Daytime Side Missions, which consists of, the Butcher, breaking the Aether Crystal Cluster, and assisting in the transport of a large aether crystal. 

The number of survival nights also varies according to level. 

Like, in the 

casual and easy level, the team of players has to survive for 3 nights while in the hard level the team has to survive for 5 nights.

How do resolve the storage bugs in Android and IOS?

If your system is fulfilling the system specifications that are oriented to download the game on mobile. 

You can free space by cleaning the cache of other apps. If you are having an error message related to storage, then follow these steps to resolve the issue.

For Android: Method 1 

 • Go to settings.

 • Then move to the apps option. Don’t stress out yourself if you didn’t find the apps option 

because it varies from device to device. This option can also be named as an App 

manager, App, notification, etc. 

 • Click on the menu or more options button whatever the option is provided, click on that.

 • Now check the apps that are consuming large storage space. 

 • Tap the storage option of the app, which is of your no use. 

 • Then click on the clear cache option.

Method 2

For some android phones, these steps will work to clear the cache data

 • Go to the settings option.

 • Click on the storage button. 

 • Click the cached data option. 

 • Tap the delete button to clear the trashy data from your apps.

Now you will have more free storage to download the game. Again give it a try to download Call 

of Duty: Mobile, if you are still facing issues regarding space, then, repeat the above steps.


As, IOS operating systems have different settings, so, you have to follow different steps for that. 

On IOS devices you can automatically activate the backup setup for photos, videos, and 

documents. Apart from this, you can make free space with the following steps.

 • Go to the settings option. 

 • Click on General, then tap the iPhone storage button.

 • Click on the desired app you want to remove. 

 • Tap the delete button. 

 • These few steps can save you from trouble.

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