Bus Simulator Indonesia

 Bus Simulator Indonesia


A free Android simulation game called Bus Simulator Indonesia by Maleo puts you in control of an autobus as you travel through different Indonesian cities. A bus driver’s job appears to be highly fascinating thanks 

to the realistic surroundings design and 3D graphics, giving gamers a compelling gameplay experience. In the 3D bus-driving game Bus Simulator Indonesia, you take the wheel of a bus carrying passengers and 

travel through numerous Indonesian cities. Just decide on your preferred route and drive it. You have a variety of gaming options to pick from, and you can control the game by tilting your phone, poking the 

screen, or using a simulated steering wheel. To make money in the first mode, you must drive safely and finish routes. After that, you can purchase new buses with the funds you earn. You can experience what it’s 

like to operate a bus in Indonesia by playing the highly enjoyable driving game Bus Simulator Indonesia. In addition, to fit your preferences you can switch a lot from aesthetics to positions.


Indonesia’s Bus Simulator is not the first bus simulator. It’s undoubtedly one of the simulator games with the most features and the most true-to-life Indonesian setting, though. As previously mentioned, there are two game modes: a single-player campaign and a free-roaming mode where you can select a bus and a city. 

Like all tycoon games, the single-player campaign functions as intended. To start, you have a straightforward bus that you will utilize to complete routes. You can make money doing this, which you 

can then use to purchase new buses. Your ability to start your own bus company increases as your income rises. The other option acts as a practice mode where you may get comfortable with the game’s controls. 

Like all tycoon games, the single-player campaign functions as intended. To start, you have a straightforward bus that you will utilize to complete routes. You can make money doing this, which you 

can then use to purchase new buses. Your ability to start your own bus company increases as your income rises. The other option acts as a practice mode where you may get comfortable with the game’s controls. 

Speaking of controllers, BUSSID offers a variety of gaming configurations. Either tilting your smartphone or tapping the screen will allow you to steer. If you prefer a more realistic experience, you can also use a 

virtual steering wheel. Additionally, the game offers a variety of camera viewpoints, and the cities and locations in Bus Simulator Indonesia are real. Even the buses have the typical Indonesian street design. You 

can make your 3D model in the game using a vehicle mod system in addition to buying pre-made buses.


A Wide Range of Buses

The buses in this game range in age from vintage to contemporary. You can operate a dated bus or a brand-new, gleaming one. If you want, you can choose a double-decker bus. You have the option. Even the number 

of seats your bus can hold is your choice. A 60-seater bus is an option if you need a vehicle that can carry more people.

High-Definition 3D Graphics

This is possibly the most practical way to travel in Indonesia. You may play this game and see the beauty of Indonesia, which has excellent visuals. The bus’s interior is likewise beautifully detailed. Everything 

appears to be very lifelike, from the chairs to the steering wheel. On the road, you will also see other vehicles like automobiles and trucks. They were all created to resemble Indonesian automobiles. In addition, 

delivery to cities and other regions is excellent. Even well-known sites like Monas and the Borobudur Temple will be visible. You will be serenaded by traditional Indonesian music as you travel through the 

stunning countryside of Indonesia. You will temporarily forget that you are merely participating in a game.

Sincere simulation

As opposed to Driver: San Francisco, BUSSID takes a more Euro Truck Simulator-inspired approach to the gameplay by omitting the exciting interludes. However, Bus Driving Simulator and Bus Simulator 

Indonesia both, are comparable in terms of genre. Both a single-player story and an open-world mode that allows you to choose a city and explore the entire map are available.  Sadly, the game occasionally 

experiences glitches; in some mobile cars. 

Make Your Bus Your Own

Customization is important in this game. Your bus can be altered however you choose. You can alter the color, decals, and license plate number, for example. Additionally, you can upgrade your buses with new 

features like GPS and PIS. You can upgrade your engine, brakes, and tires to increase performance. You may also upgrade your buses with additional components like an exhaust pipe and a bulbar. Overall, this

 game has a ton of customization possibilities to give you a distinctive driving experience.

Single-player tycoon campaign

Like other tycoon games you may have played, the campaign mode functions similarly. You must start over, operate a crude bus model, and complete routes. For each successful drive, you receive money that 

you can spend on new vehicles or upgrades for your current ones.  In addition to driving, you’ll also hire staff, create new routes, and enhance your fleet of cars to grow your business.

Multiple-player gaming

If you sign up for an Ultimate League membership, you can play BUSSID in multiplayer mode for free in addition to solo play. It pits you against other players and shows their progress on the map, and it has gold,

 terminals, and buses. To distinguish yourself from the competition, either upload your 3D-developed model or drive the buses you bought in a single-player.

Our view

Despite some performance concerns, BUSSID is a fun game for anyone who enjoys driving buses. The experience is enjoyable, especially if you try multiplayer.

Other Interesting Bus Simulator Indonesia APK Features

Create a Special Livery

You can create your own bus livery in this game. You may give your bus a distinctive design by combining various hues and patterns. To distinguish yourself from the competition, make sure your livery is appealing.

Various camera perspectives

 You have the option to adjust the camera angle in this game. There are several views available, including first-person, third-person, and cockpit views. Due to the variety, you can select the perspective that best suits your driving preferences.

Authentic audio effects

 Realistic sound effects are also included in the game. For instance, while you’re driving, you’ll hear the horns of other cars and the sound of the engine. This audio-visual setup increases the game’s immersion.

Exceptionally Intuitive Controls 

Controls in this game are quite simple to understand. To play the game, you may either connect a gamepad or utilize the on-screen controls. You won’t have any trouble playing the game because the controls are also simple to understand.

Periodic updates 

These updates enhance your gaming experience by addressing issues and introducing new features.


There is a leaderboard in this game. To be the best driver, you can compete against gamers from all around the world. Ascend the leaderboard to prove to everyone that you are the game’s best player. 

Play with others Online

You may play online games with your pals and team up. To complete objectives and get prizes, cooperate.

Pros and Cons OF Bus Simulator Indonesia

Yes, if you enjoy driving simulations. Playing this game is a great opportunity to hone your abilities while taking in the sights and sounds of Indonesia. A fun game is Bus Simulator Indonesia. The graphics are 

amazing for a smartphone game, and the user interface is simple to use. The mechanics are equally straightforward because all you have to do is pick up passengers at a terminal and drive about using the 

map’s indicated itinerary. Despite this, it does not negate the need for the app to be improved. The game features actual Indonesian settings, although its traffic scenario isn’t really true to life. There aren’t any 

regulations for driving that you need to be aware of. There is no pedestrian and no speed limit. It resembles driving on a track. Additionally, a terminal is the only place where people board and disembark. Despite 

the fact that the game says they boarded, you cannot even see them inside the bus. Even though you strike something, there is no damage because the crash animation is unrealistic. While you are playing, the game 

commonly has bugs. Additionally, it might occasionally end abruptly or even crash your device. The app occasionally simply stops functioning, in which case users must delete and reinstall it. Fun but might be better. An enjoyable driving game that lets you experience what it’s like to drive a bus in Indonesia is called Bus Simulator Indonesia.


  • Fantastic graphics

  • Realistic setting

  • Single-player tycoon campaign

  • Online cooperative

  • Bus modding equipment


  • Improbable traffic

  • Interaction issues


For fans of buses, Bus Simulator Indonesia is the best driving simulation game. It has a large number of buses, lifelike graphics, and simple controls. For a better experience, you may also download Bus Simulator 

Indonesia. This offers limitless resources for upgrading and purchasing new buses.

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